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    Dr. Franca grew up in The Catskills in a town called Monticello, NY and attended SUNY Oneonta before graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 2017. At SUNY Oneonta, she studied Biology and was exposed to a variety of health professions through shadowing and volunteer work.

    Dr. Franca first developed an interest in chiropractic care when a chiropractor came to speak at her pre-health club meeting. Her entire family has always suffered from back issues and was only ever offered medication or surgery as a form of treatment. Hearing about other hands-on options from this chiropractor prompted her to shadow other chiropractors. She saw that chiropractic care filled a void in the health care system and could help those who were struggling to improve their conditions but were not severe enough to be surgical candidates. She immediately knew that she wanted to be a part of the chiropractic community and help others.

    Dr. Franca’s approach to your plan of care is to address the symptoms first and then work with you on the best course of action to address your complaint functionally. By doing this, she can help you prevent the pain or injury from returning and help you develop habits for a heathier lifestyle.

    Dr. Franca provides comprehensive care to a wide range of patient populations ranging from young children to the elderly and from athletes to the everyday hard worker. She has vast experience in treating neurological injuries such as nerve impingements and reaching functional goals. When creating a treatment plan, Dr. Franca choose from the following techniques when creating individualistic care: Diversified Technique, Activator Method, Graston Technique and manual soft tissue techniques, cupping, traction, and functional rehab.

    She decided to join MCR Chiropractic because being in private practice, she has the autonomy to decide a unique treatment for each patient as opposed to a more standardized, cookie cutter approach. Having physical therapy in the same office as chiropractic adds a benefit to work with likeminded colleagues and offer more options for patients.

    In her spare time, when Dr. Franca is not spending time with her family, she loves to travel. Discovering new areas and indulging in different cuisines is one of her favorite things; if you want to get her talking for hours, mention food and a new restaurant you like! 

    Dr. Franca can speak English and Portuguese (Brazilian) and hopes to be a resource for your entire family when it comes to anything regarding health and wellness. Her professional goal is to create a network of different health professionals that can work together to help their patients address all aspects of their health.

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