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Career Opportunities

Hear What Our Employees Are Saying

Joshua Harpel, DC – Managing Partner of Taunton, Stoughton, and Fall River

"I started with MCR in September of 2013 as my second job after graduating from Chiropractic school. I had not been happy at my current position, and when I received a call from Dr. Steven Windwer saying there was an opening for an associate chiropractor at the Taunton office I jumped at the chance. Almost immediately the difference in company culture was apparent and I knew I had made the right decision. Since that date I was offered a partnership in Taunton in 2015, opened my second location MCR- Stoughton in 2019, and have my third location MCR- Fall River opening in November 2020. What makes MCR unique is its ability to retain is "family run business" feeling. Each office, although part of a larger system, is just a community chiropractic office, owned and operated by the clinicians that live there.  Each of us care about the patients like they were family, care about towns and cities where our offices are located, and care about providing patients with the best possible chiropractic services available."

Alexandra Sibert, DC - Managing Partner of Norwell

"Hi! I am Dr. Alexandra Sibert. I first was introduced to chiropractic care by Dr. Stephanie Perry-Monteagudo of MCR Weymouth. I was at the University of Connecticut completing my undergraduate degree and did not know what direction in the health care field I wanted to go. I shadowed Dr. Perry- Monteagudo and fell in love with patient satisfaction during their chiropractic visit. In my last trimester of chiropractic school, I interned with Dr. Perry- Monteagudo at the Weymouth location and knew I wanted to be a part of the BSPT and MCR team. I started to work at the Weymouth MCR location and Norwell MCR location and currently am Managing Partner of Norwell location. I am honored to have the opportunity to work along such a great staff in Norwell that feel like family.

I have the pleasure of working with amazing physical therapists in our clinic. We all share a common goal, to help our patients improve their quality of life which is what makes being part of the team so special. With being part of the BSPT and MCR team, I have many met life-long friends along the way.  Ryan Myers, PT, DPT, OMT, FAAOMPT is the managing partner of Bay State PT Norwell and I cannot think of a better partner to work alongside. Patients are amazed of the care they receive here with physical therapy and chiropractic. Here it is like a family, where patients are satisfied and return to care with physical therapy and chiropractic. I am excited and honored to be a part of this amazing community and continue to serve the highest quality care to my patients."

Sunit Jolly, DC - Managing Partner of West Roxbury

"I joined the MCR and BSPT family in 2005 as an Associate Chiropractor in Quincy working under Dr. Smith and Dr. Windwer. I was fortunate at this time, to have both Steve and Dave as mentors. I have fond memories of sitting with Steve in his office, discussing different business and management ideas. My growth with the company came in many ways. I got certified as a coach and worked with Clinic Managers and Managing Partners to help them achieve their full potential and make their practices successful; it was a lot of fun! While doing that, I got to buy into other locations: Somerset, Taunton and Roslindale and continue to grow. In 2010, I moved out of the Quincy office and took on Roslindale, with the goal of taking it to new heights. Roslindale got so busy that we needed to expand, and that office became what is now the West Roxbury division. I am very proud of what West Roxbury has become and I still see patients in our West Roxbury clinic.  What I love about the company is hard to summarize, but here is a list of a few aspects that make being part of this team so great: You receive great support and mentorship at all different levels, we have a team approach in regards to care and community, you constantly are getting opportunities to grow and expand your skill set, our clinic offices have a small local family feel (with the benefits that come from a large company), and most importantly the collaboration between chiropractors and physical therapists that allow us to focus on giving patients the best care possible!"

Josh Doty, DC – Managing Partner of Pembroke

"I started at Milton Chiropractic in October of 2016 after working six years in a solo practice. I was unsure as to what to expect working in a larger organization with multiple doctors. The decision turned out to be the best one I have ever made. Dr. Windwer and Dr. Smith were extremely supportive from the start and continue to be today. Having the leadership in the company be chiropractors gives them great perspective on the day to day operations of being a practitioner. While working as an associate in the Quincy office I had an excellent education from Dr. Smith who provided me with all the tools in knowledge to eventually become the manager of that location. As of today, we have 3 full time chiropractors in the Quincy office and I have had the opportunity to become a managing partner in the new Pembroke office, open as of October 1st, 2020. The idea of having multiple growth opportunities for chiropractors within the company is unique in our field. Most chiropractic office are individually owned and operated with an associate brought on to treat patients or to buy out a retiring chiropractor. Having a path of growth within Milton Chiropractic makes this company a lifelong career and not just a stop along the way. The continued drive from leadership and constant support is unmatched and I have extreme gratitude for the opportunities that they have afforded me."

Dana Pemberton, DC, CCSP | Chiropractor of MCR Attleboro

“I feel as though I’m an anomaly among most people in my profession. I didn't have any life changing experiences with a chiropractor prior to starting school. In fact, I hadn’t even been adjusted until then. But I knew from the start of high school that this was the profession I wanted to pursue. I found that I was able to do everything within the profession that I wanted, including positively changing the way people live their day-to-day lives. I knew that I’d be able see a vast array of patients, which is ultimately what I wanted from my working life. Regular chiropractic treatment has been shown to increase spinal mobility, ultimately improving nervous system function. But most importantly, it decreases pain! My time at MCR has allowed me to work towards my fullest potential. My clinical interest varies from athletic care to migraine treatment. I’ve recently completed my chiropractic sport physician certification, and being susceptible to migraines myself, find fulfillment in easing the pain of patient migraines. I enjoy helping and treating others with these diagnoses as well as many other conditions.”