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Chiropractic Career Opportunities


Join MCR Chiropractic: A Leader in Clinical Quality

At MCR Chiropractic, we’re looking for passionate chiropractors to join our growing team. As a leader in clinical excellence, we are committed to providing the best possible experience and outcomes for our patients. While the patient is at the forefront of care, the provider experience remains a top priority. You’ll join a team with a defined career pathway, robust mentoring and training program, competitive pay, strong benefits, and tremendous opportunities for career development and advancement. View our chiropractic job openings and apply today.

Why choose MCR Chiropractic?

Working Together For You

A leader in clinical quality

  • Chiropractors have the time they need to focus on each patient, with 45-60-minute patient evaluations; patients see the same chiropractor for each visit.
  • Our providers’ focus is on patient care, to regain and maintain the health of our patients. The administrative burden is reduced from our providers so that they can deliver the best care possible. Tasks such as Hiring, Credentialing, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and HR are all handled for the chiropractors at our Corporate Resource Center.
  • Our Google Rating is 4.9 and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 86, putting us well above the average healthcare NPS of 9.

Dedicated to continuing education and mentorship

  • One-on-one mentorship and support program for development, with a clear pathway for growth for providers.
  • Continuing education and robust training program provided to all chiropractors.
  • Option to pursue additional continuing education topics, reimbursed by MCR Chiropractic.

Ability to make an impact

  • Local community involvement.
  • Team who puts musculoskeletal and spine health first with the ability to have an impact on chiropractic’s place in the healthcare system.

 Competitive Compensation and Benefits

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Career growth opportunities are available

Our unique ownership model means you’ll become an integral member of your local clinic team with tremendous opportunities for growth. We offer a comprehensive Leadership Development Program to help high performing chiropractors accelerate their career growth.

Career Growth

Are you a recent Doctorate of Chiropractic graduate or student?

We’re committed to guiding and mentoring new chiropractors through our mentorship and support program. Our chiropractors will have the opportunity to discuss growth and engage in learning growing opportunities. View our job openings to apply today!

See What Our Chiropractors Are Saying

  • Joshua Harpel, DC
    Joshua Harpel, DC

    “I started with MCR soon after graduating from chiropractic school and after working for a short time at a different practice. Almost immediately the difference in company culture was apparent and I knew I had made the right decision. Since that date I rose from an associateship to partnership in Taunton in 2015, and then opened a second location MCR- Stoughton in 2019, and third location MCR- Fall River in February 2021 both as a partner. What makes MCR unique is its ability to retain is 'family run business' feeling. Each office, although part of a larger system, is just a community chiropractic office, owned and operated by the clinicians that live there.  Each of us care about the patients like they were family, care about towns and cities where our offices are located, and care about providing patients with the best possible chiropractic services available.  All of this would not have been possible without the training, mentorship and opportunities for personal and professional growth provided by MCR Chiropractic.”

  • Jennifer Swanson, DC
    Jennifer Swanson, DC

    “I started working at MCR in March of 2021 as an Associate Chiropractor in Attleboro working alongside Dr. Pemberton. Having a mentor and a great support staff have been instrumental in my career. I knew in the beginning of my career that I wanted to see a variety of patients as I wanted to get as much experience as humanly possible. Following a few months of practice, I decided that I wanted to specialize in perinatal and postnatal care, so I went onto receive my Certification in the Webster Technique back in November 2021. What I truly enjoy about working at MCR is that that there is always room to grow, whether that be as an associate, chiropractic manager, or a managing partner. I also believe that health and wellness is not one simple solution. Working at MCR allows us to explore multiple avenues of care as we are also paired with Bay State Physical Therapy. This gives us a great opportunity to have a collaborative approach for our patients to reach their goals!”

  • Jennyfer Franca, DC
    Jennyfer Franca, DC

    “I began with MCR in 2018 as an associate at our Quincy location and am now a Managing Partner for our Braintree location. This was my first job out of chiropractic school and having talked with other alumni I heard horror stories of everyone’s first job. Due to this I was very picky during my interview process. I heard about MCR from a fellow classmate and was instantly intrigued by their business model and options they had for chiropractors. They allowed for growth and different positions besides just associate, allowing for more responsibility and career advancement. This is rare within our field where generally the options for us are being an associate or opening our own practice alone. Once I began, I realized how great of a team it is. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve worked with many other chiropractors, physical therapists, and front desk staff. The atmosphere the company provides makes it easy to bond with one another, work and make decisions together to provide the best health care possible for our patients. Though we are a large company, each office is truly operated like a family practice, which is shown in the bonds we develop with our patients”

  • Josh Doty, DC
    Josh Doty, DC

    “I started with MCR in October 2016 after working six years in a solo practice. I was unsure as to what to expect working in a larger organization with multiple doctors. The decision turned out to be the best one I have ever made. Dr. Windwer and Dr. Smith were extremely supportive from the start and continue to be today. Having the leadership in the company be chiropractors gives them great perspective on the day-to-day operations of being a practitioner. While working as an associate in the Quincy office I had an excellent education from Dr. Smith who provided me with all the tools in knowledge to eventually become the manager of that location. In October 2020 I had opportunity to become a Managing Partner of the Pembroke office. The idea of having multiple growth opportunities for chiropractors within the company is unique in our field. Having a path of growth within MCR makes this company a lifelong career and not just a stop along the way. The continued drive from leadership and constant support is unmatched and I have extreme gratitude for the opportunities that they have afforded me.”

  • Sunit Jolly, DC
    Sunit Jolly, DC

    “I joined the MCR and Bay State PT family in 2005 as an Associate Chiropractor in Quincy working under Dr. Dave Smith and Dr. Steve Windwer. I was fortunate at this time, to have both Steve and Dave as mentors. My growth with the company came in many ways. I got certified as a coach and worked with Clinic Managers and Managing Partners to help them achieve their full potential and make their practices successful. While doing that, I got to buy into other locations as Managing Partner. In 2010, I moved out of the Quincy office and took on Roslindale. It got so busy that we needed to expand and that office became what is now the West Roxbury clinic. I am very proud of what West Roxbury has become. I transitioned out of West Roxbury and am now Managing Partner of our Weymouth location. What I love about the company is hard to summarize, but here is a list of a few aspects that make being part of this team so great: You receive great support and mentorship at all different levels, we have a team approach in regards to care and community, you constantly are getting opportunities to grow and expand your skill set, our clinic offices have a small local family feel (with the benefits that come from a large company), and most importantly the collaboration between chiropractors and physical therapists that allow us to focus on giving patients the best care possible!”