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Chiropractors are Your Partners in Health

Throughout the month of October, we have been highlighting the role chiropractors play to help elevate your health. As musculoskeletal experts, chiropractors can help isolate the root cause of dysfunction, identify what factors contributed to the injury or pain, and prescribe a treatment plan aimed at optimal recovery. Based on your medical history and diagnosis, they will use a variety of services, sometimes called modalities, to help you recover as you regain and maintain your health.                                                                                                                                     

Conditions Chiropractors Treat

With their advanced education, chiropractors can treat a wide variety of diagnoses and medical conditions. MCR Chiropractic is a network of chiropractic clinics treating many conditions involving the musculoskeletal system, aka the muscles, bones, and joints of the body.

Based on their interest and additional training, many chiropractors on our team can treat an even wider range of conditions. Some specialization areas include:

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Services Chiropractors Provide

Chiropractors provide unique services based on the individual need of each patient. Your chiropractor will construct a personalized treatment plan that will include a variety of services. Typically, based on where you are in your care plan, services will change as your recovery progresses. Chiropractors may also carry different certifications and employ different modalities that will be used to help you recover. There is no shortage of services available for your chiropractor to utilize during your care, some that you might receive could include:

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Regardless of the services you receive, your rehabilitation is a team effort, so at any time you can discuss your care with your chiropractor to fully understand the treatment plan you are receiving.

Together, We Are Working for You

Chiropractic care is a team effort, between patients and their healthcare team, which of course includes your MCR Chiropractic chiropractor. Whether you are dealing with a new injury, or have a chronic health or pain condition, we are here to guide you toward optimal health and wellness. Don’t delay care that can help you live your best life.

To request an evaluation, complete for form below or call your nearest MCR Chiropractic location.