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Stay Hydrated This Summer

Did you know that about 60% of our bodies are made up of water? This is why staying hydrated is important, especially in the summer months. Dehydration is most common in the summer due to sweating during high levels of outdoor activities under the warm sun.

While drinking water prevents dehydration, there are also many other benefits you gain from it that can help you during your chiropractic treatment. Being hydrated can reduce muscle stiffness, lessen muscle pain, improve the immune system, and maximize tissue healing.

Remembering to give your body the hydration it needs isn’t always easy, however there are many helpful tips that can ensure you are staying properly hydrated.

4 Tips to Help You Remember to Stay Hydrated

Keep a Water Bottle Near You

It will be easier for you to drink water throughout your day if a water bottle is closely accessible to you. Using a colorful or patterned water bottle can be a good visual reminder to drink water.

Establish a Daily Goal

Starting each day with a goal of how much water you want to drink gives you a set plan for water consumption. Having a goal can be motivating and make you want to drink water to achieve your goal. Setting up realistic and specific goals is key to this method.

Eat Water Filled Foods

Don’t limit your water intake to just drinking, eat up! many foods contain a high percent of water making eating them a great way to stay hydrated. Some water filled foods to eat are cantaloupe, spinach, peaches, and cucumbers.

Set Alarms

Setting alarms or reminders on your phone can be a good prompt to have some water. If you set them up to go off throughout the day you will be likely to drink more.

Utilize These Helpful Hydration Tips

Stay hydrated while enjoying your summer by implementing these tips in your daily life. As your partner in health[SR1] , we are here to help you stay hydrated so you can make your next visit at MCR Chiropractic that much better!