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Looking for Arthritis Relief? Chiropractic Care to the Rescue

A chiropractor will identify your specific type of arthritis (there are over one hundred different kinds!), determine its severity, and understand its impact on your life. Combining the latest therapeutic treatments with deep industry expertise, they’ll take a holistic look at your body, your life, and your goals to build a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Let’s look at some of the ways chiropractic can help alleviate your arthritis pain.

Find 'RELIEF' with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are experts in the musculoskeletal system and understand the complexities associated with arthritis. Through adjustments or manipulations, chiropractic care can improve your alignment to increase mobility in your joints, decrease stresses to the joint, and prevent degeneration to stop arthritis in its tracks. Let’s look at a few ways chiropractic can help alleviate your arthritis pain.

'R'estore Balance

Arthritis can cause muscle weakness, lack of joint function, and minimized mobility—all of which can throw off your balance. Chiropractors will perform spinal alignment techniques to improve balance and reduce the risk of falling.

'E'nhance Posture 

The main way to prevent osteoarthritis is to make sure vertebrae in the spine are aligned and moving properly. Chiropractors analyze the structure of your body to identify what’s causing your issues. If the structure of a certain joint in the spine isn’t right, it can cause arthritis. Chiropractors will realign the spine and body as a whole to maximize the function of the arthritic joint.

The spine is extremely prone to degeneration, which can cause a lack of alignment, decreased mobility, and arthritis. Posture can easily slip our minds, but proper posture can greatly improve your arthritis symptoms. So it’s time to start paying attention! Chiropractors will align your spine to restore function, and will give you ways to adjust your posture during sitting, standing, or exercising to take a lot of stress off of your joints.

'L'essen Joint Stress by Strengthening Muscles

Arthritis can wear down the protective cartilage around your joint, which can cause extremely painful friction. Chiropractors will help you strengthen the muscles around your impaired joint, which will decrease friction and ease pain.

'I'ncrease Range of Motion & Mobility 

Arthritis can come with stiffness and severe pain, which can deter patients from wanting to move at all. Through a combination of spinal alignment techniques, manual manipulations, mobility exercises, and stretching, chiropractic can improve your ability to bend or straighten your afflicted joint.

'E'ncourage Physical Activity

Low-impact physical activities can slow the progression and reduce the pain of arthritis. Your chiropractor will assess your current health and ability and perform alignment exercises to encourage pain-free movement.

'F'ocus on Flexibility

Participating in daily stretching can help your stiff joints and improve mobility. Chiropractors can prescribe and manually perform stretches that will target your afflicted joints. Even the smallest increase in range of motion can drastically improve your life! For example, just a few extra degrees of movement can let you comfortably pick up your child, sit in a chair, or bend down to reach objects.

Take a Stand and Find Arthritis Relief Today

Chiropractic has greatly improved the symptoms of many people suffering with arthritis. According to one study published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 12 chiropractic treatments (twice a week for six weeks) coupled with patient education were more impactful than a daily stretching program or patient education alone in treating hip osteoarthritis.  Working with a chiropractor will help you fight the negative effects of arthritis so you can have no pain with a whole lot more gain.

Over time, many people with arthritis slowly stop participating in their favorite activities due to pain. Your chiropractor can help you build strength and mobility, and will help you find new, joint-friendly activities to get you moving safely again. Don’t settle for less, choose chiropractic care to get the most out of life!

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