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  • New Year, New View on Chiropractic
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New Year, New View on Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is often perceived as medical care that is received after an accident, injury, or surgery. You get hurt, you receive chiropractic care, you heal, and you get on with life. However, the benefits of chiropractic go far beyond just rehabilitation.

Benefits of Partnering with a Chiropractor

Here are a few reasons that adding a chiropractor to your medical team can help position you to meet your health goals in the year ahead.

Injury Prevention 

Chiropractors can identify imbalances or risk factors in your body that could potentially cause injury or restrict performance. Once identified, they’ll work with you to address these issues to improve your physical performance and stop injuries in their tracks.

Surgery Prevention & Pre-Rehabilitation 

Seeing a chiropractor prior to seeking surgical procedures can reduce your odds of having spinal surgery from 42.7% to 1.5%. Even the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has suggested that patients seek chiropractic to manage their back pain before seeking invasive treatments such as surgery. When surgery is needed, engaging in chiropractic care prior to surgery can significantly improve your recovery process, as certain adjustments and techniques will prepare your body to handle surgical side effects such as pain, inflammation, and decreased strength.

Chronic Pain Management

Chiropractors use holistic and hands-on care to address the root cause of pain. With your goals in mind, your chiropractor will help chart a course of care to get you back to your chosen activities.

Fitness & Athletic Performance

With knowledge of your medical history and previous injuries coupled with their expertise and technique, your chiropractor is the right musculoskeletal expert to emphasize the more technical side of exercise, stressing proper body mechanics to reduce the risk of injury and help your body perform at its best.

Total Alignment

Oftentimes, your mental and emotional health impacts your physical health, and vice versa. Taking a comprehensive look at your entire life—your family history, work, hobbies, hopes, and dreams—chiropractors build step-by-step plans to harmonize all aspects of your mind and body to enhance wellness.

Your Partner for a Lifetime of Health

Your chiropractor will:

  • Get down to the root cause of pain and dysfunction
  • Go above and beyond just resolving pain to empower you to reach a new level of wellness
  • Grow with you as your physical abilities evolve to prepare you for what comes next on your health journey

Adding a chiropractor to your healthcare team can complement the great work done by your other care providers to keep you healthy, happy, and moving forward.

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