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image of consultation with a chiropractor

Your Partner for the Year Ahead

A new year is nearly upon us! As we close out this one, we also anxiously await what the next year will bring. Whatever 2022 have in store, being at your optimal health is essential. As your partner in health, MCR Chiropractic can help you overcome longstanding pain, manage new aches, or prepare you for what might be on your bucket list for the year ahead.

Who Can Benefit from Working with a Chiropractor?

As chiropractors, we are a member of your healthcare team that is specially qualified to evaluate your current pain or problem, understand your barriers and limitations, and craft a care plan that positions you to achieve your maximum function.


Of course, chiropractors are at the ready should you suffer a sports-related injury. However, while many believe injuries are a natural part of athletics, working with a chiropractor can help reduce injuries as well as get you back out there faster. If you have overcome an injury, checking in with your chiropractor on a consistent basis for preventative and maintenance after your return to sport is the perfect way to limit the chances of a recurrence of your injury in the future. Whether a part of a local youth sports association or a weekend warrior connecting for flag football, your MCR Chiropractor is a key teammate.

Adults 65 years and older

According to the Centers for Disease Control, arthritis effects about 50% of all adults 65 years and older which can lead to pain and lower quality of life. Chiropractic care is a great tool to manage pain associated with arthritis or other degenerative diseases. While chiropractic care can provide great benefits for those who have been diagnosed with arthritis, it is also great for overall maintenance and preventative care. We can help prevent your pain from worsening and it may even slow the progression of arthritis. Movement is medicine and making sure the joints are moving properly is extremely important! It’s what chiropractors are great at!  

Anyone Preparing for Surgery

If your doctor has suggested that surgery can help to reduce pain and improved function, ask your chiropractor first. Seeking out a conservative approach is what is recommended by leading experts and chiropractic is at the head of the line for conservative musculoskeletal treatments, according to the American College of Physicians. At worst, it may help you prepare better for surgery and your chiropractor can address any lingering questions about your procedure. At best, it might help you to take a more conservative route to a return to improved function and decreased pain and either prevent or delay surgery.

Schedule Your Care 

Don’t wait for a small ache or pain to result in a major disruption in your life. Call MCR Chiropractic today and start working toward your goals for the year ahead.