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Chiropractic Care and Sports Rehabilitation

As an athlete, you work hard to keep your body in shape. No matter how hard you try, however, accidents do happen, and the resulting injuries can have an impact on your everyday life. If you take care of a sports injury properly and seek treatment immediately, you can prevent long-lasting damage. Sports rehabilitation and chiropractic care go hand in hand when it comes to dealing with athletic injuries. Contact our chiropractors at MCR Chiropractic if you are dealing with a sports injury.

Dealing with a Sports Injury

Sports injuries are somewhat different than other types of injuries. First, an athlete is normally more fit and has more physical strength. When an injury occurs, it will be able to heal faster if it is treated immediately. The athlete can start the healing process by repairing the damage and beginning physical therapy, through our sister company Bay State Physical Therapy. Sports rehabilitation includes exercises that target the injured area and work to strengthen the muscles and connective tissues surrounding the area so it heals more efficiently.

Chiropractic Care and Sports Rehab

Chiropractic care and sports rehabilitation go together well because they take into consideration both the cause and the cure. Chiropractic care revolves around finding the cause of the problem and correcting it. If a tendon is torn or a muscle is damaged, the area can be stabilized, and adjustments are made to reduce inflammation and allow the tendons and muscles to return to their proper positions. Sports rehabilitation uses corrective exercises and specific treatments to strengthen and tone the injured areas.

Recovery and Returning to the Field

After a sports injury, recovery can be a long and drawn-out process depending on the severity of the injury. During the recovery, rehabilitative exercises not only strengthen the injured area but also increase circulation to the area. Fresh blood flow brings much-needed oxygen and nutrients that the tissues need to facilitate the healing process. As your recovery progresses, you can begin working out on the field to a limited degree.

Our Chiropractors Will Speed Up Your Recovery

Our team at MCR Chiropractic serves athletes in Boston and its surrounding communities. We will perform a comprehensive exam and create a customized treatment plan designed to provide pain relief and support the recovery process. Whether your injury is due to playing a sport or some other physical activity, getting immediate treatment is the best way to prevent long-term pain and help you get back in the game.

Contact an MCR Chiropractic location nearest you today to schedule a consultation with one of our chiropractors or fill out the form below.