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Arms raised up by man with child on his back

Thankful for Movement

Chronic pain can be debilitating, but relief is possible. Chiropractors work together with patients to diminish their pain and restore their normal activity levels. This helps patients return to a life filled with movement.

Four Ways a Chiropractor is Your Partner in Health


The evaluation process includes review of your medical history, injury, symptoms, and daily activities. Next your chiropractor will identify the root cause of your pain and determine the appropriate steps for treatment. A heighted sensitivity in the brain is often the root of chronic pain, not an actual injury. By educating patients on the origin of their pain, chiropractors help lessen a patient’s fear and apprehension. Patients come to understand that pain is a sensation triggered by the brain. Guided movement, though uncomfortable, is not actually harming their body.

Spinal Manipulations

Chiropractors focus heavily on spinal health and function, using a series of manipulations, also known as adjustments, to restore joint mobility, reduce inflammation, and improve muscle and nerve function. An adjustment consists of manually applying a specific movement, or force to joints and tissues that have become inflamed, misaligned or restricted. Returning your spine to its correct alignment can reduce the strain on your back muscles, ease the neurological symptoms that could be contributing to your pain, improve your overall movement, and quality of life. Chiropractors also use manual therapy such as joint mobilization and other strategies to ease pain and encourage healthy movement.

Strength & Flexibility

Exercise is a common component used to treat chronic pain because it increases mobility and is proven to decrease inflammation and overall pain. Taking a comprehensive look at your current health, pain levels, and ability, your chiropractor will prescribe the best stretches and exercises to target your pain for short and long-term relief.

Early Detection

Chiropractors can also identify signs of injury before they become chronic pains. As such, your chiropractor will then be able to prescribe a care plan that can help prevent the onset of these ailments and prevent pain before it occurs.

Want to learn more about how to overcome chronic pain? Read our November Newsletter for tips about how to “Break Through Your Pain to Live an Active Life.”

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