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  • Fall Yard Clean-up Tips to Keep You Safe
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children playing with fall leaves

Fall Yard Clean-up Tips to Keep You Safe

The hot days of summer are behind us, and crisp autumn air is here. Leaf peeping season is nearly at its climax, and before you know it those beautiful colors of fall will transition to weekends filled with yard work! Trimming flower beds and raking leaves can leave us sore and achy. However, with help from your team at MCR Chiropractic, you will have the tips and tools to keep moving strong until the next major shift in our New England weather.

4 Tips to Keep You Safe During Fall Yard Clean-up

If not performed properly, the physical strain of raking, bagging, and dragging loads of leaves can cause a lot of unnecessary discomfort. Not to mention the strain on your knees and hamstrings from crouching and bending to put your flower beds to sleep for the winter.

Most of these activities require your muscles to move in different ways than your body may be used to. It can take only one mindless movement, or poorly positioned bend, to sideline you and put you in a race to beat the first snowfall.

Here are some chiropractic approved tips to keep you safe during yard clean-up. 

  • Warm-up and stretch! Before you begin raking and piling up those leaves, you should warm-up and stretch. Start with a few laps around the perimeter of your property or walk around the neighborhood. Next transition to getting all the tools from storage to the areas you will be working. Just like that, your body is primed for action!  Need some stretches to get you started? Click here!
  • Perform short durations of exercise. Although yard work feels more like a chore than a leisurely exercise, you quickly realize how strenuous it can be! Don’t tackle it all at once, perform 15-20 minute periods of activity with a few minutes between to give your body a break.
  • Work smarter not harder! While it can be tempting to pack the barrels all the way to the top, consider the risk associated with overloading your bins. Just like at the gym, heavier is not necessarily better, and it’s definitely not smarter! Be cautions of the loads you are lifting, pulling, and carrying.
  • Remember what your chiropractor told you! When you do need to lift objects, remember what your chiropractor taught you:
    • Position yourself close to the object you are lifting.
    • Place your feet shoulder width apart for a solid base of support.
    • Bend at the knees, tighten your abdominals, and lift with your legs!

Ready, Set, Rake

Now that you have the tips, you are fully prepared to get to work. Remember, yard clean up does not need to leave you feeling achy. If you happen to overdo it, just give our office a call. Our team understands that your time is precious and so is that dwindling sunlight!  As your partner in health, we are here to help get you moving again, with the renewed understanding of maintaining your wellness into the months ahead.

Call your nearest MCR Chiropractic to schedule an appointment or submit an appointment request form below.